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Boom Gluta

Boom Gluta

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Boom Gluta Shots was awarded the New Innovation Product at the Seoul International Invention Fair 2020 and uses 6 Mechanisms to help restore skin:

● Mechanism 1: Tyrosinase Inhibitor – inhibits the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase.
● Mechanism 2: Glutathione Precusor – promotes the production of glutathione.
● Mechanism 3: Glutathione Booster – Promotes the performance of glutathione.
● Mechanism 4: Melasma Block – Prevents melasma (patchy, blotchy skin).
● Mechanism 5: Sun Block – Protects skin from sun damage.
● Mechanism 6: Anti-Oxidant Booster – Promotes the performance of antioxidants.

Each box contains 16 sachets.

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